Resistive suspensions, film heaters and highly efficient household and industrial heating devices based on film heaters

Principle investigator:

Alexander Mikhailovich Shulpekov, Senior Researcher, Ph.D. (

Multilayer film heaters (MFH) are developed using composite materials obtained at the Tomsk Scientific Center of SB RAS. MFH is a composite coating with a thickness of 100-200 microns applied to an isolated substrate: metal, ceramics, faience, satallic, glass, natural or artificial stone, construction materials, etc. Paint and enamel technologies are used to apply the film and obtain heating elements and devices of almost any shape and size - from a few centimeters to ten meters. Ceramics has chemical and temperature stability, mechanical stability, which in combination with heat-resistant binder (high-temperature polymers, glass) provides durability of film heating elements and harmlessness to health. The main purpose of this product is to convert electrical energy into heat and perform the function of a heating element in electrical heating devices.

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The offered film heaters are a fundamentally new development, they belong to a new generation of safe and easy-to-use devices with increased efficiency and reliability.

SHS-materials used:

Borides: TiB2,

Nitrides: TiN, TiCxN1-x

Silicides: TiSi2 MoSi2,

Silicides: TiC, TiC-Cr2C3,
TiC-Fe, TiC-Ni, TiC-Al2O3

Nanolaminate compounds: Ti3SiC2, Ti3AlC2, Ti2AlC, Nb2AlC, Nb4AlC3

Main characteristics:

Voltage, V


Operation temperature, 0C


Specific power, W/cm2


Surface area, m2




The field of application is as wide as that of traditional heaters (electric household appliances, infrared heaters for technical purposes), in addition, MFH can be used in cases when traditional heaters are ineffective, for example, for heating elements with complex shape, or for heating large areas (floor, walls, etc.). Film heaters are poorly represented on the market (mainly the European part of Russia); the market is not full; the regions of Siberia, the Far East and foreign market are promising. These film heaters are promising products with competitive advantages compared to those presented on the market.

Technical and economic advantages:

- Increased efficiency.

- Fire safety.

- Comfort of heating.

- Harmless to health.

- Durability, high speed