Technology and equipment for the formation of bioactive coatings on osteosynthesis implants

Principle investigators:
  1. Markov Aleksey Borisovich, President’s advisor, PhD
  2. Petrov Vsevolod Ivanovich, Researcher. ( )

In collaboration with NR TPU and Microsplav LLC, a technology has been developed for deposition bioactive coatings on implants, which are characterized by the structure similar to bone tissue and contained substances accelerating tissue growth and restoration (osteosynthesis). The coatings enable to significantly reduce the recovery duration for patients and increase the ratio of implant survival. To date, more than 400 patients use implants coated with this equipment. The deployed facilities meet up-to-date requirements, are compact and reliable. The modular system enables to expand the system capacity for improving productivity. Wide ranges of parameters promote to perform various tasks. The equipment is being prepared for shipment to the industrial partner (Osteomed LLC, Rybinsk, Russia).


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  2. Certificate of registration of the computer program No. 2020660265 Control the generation of high-current pulses during the formation of bioactive implant coatings by the micro-arc oxidation method. Copyright holder: NR TPU. Authors: Petrov V.I., Markov A.B., Tverdokhlebov S.I., Bolbasov E.N., Soldatova E.A., Vykhodtsev P.V.