Nanostructured strong-adhesive Cu-Cr surface alloys

Principle investigators:

  1. Markov Aleksey Borisovich, President’s advisor, PhD
  2. Yakovlev Evgeniy Vitalievich, Researcher. ( )

For the first time, a strong-adhesive surface alloy has been synthesized that includes very small (10–30 nm) particles of chromium, evenly distributed in a copper matrix. The synthesis has been carried out by layer-by-layer deposition of chromium films and their subsequent mixing with the copper substrate (in the liquid phase) with pulsed electron-beam processing. Chromium particle sizes are thousands of times smaller than those for conventional casting of Cu-Cr alloys. Due to this fact, the alloy has been characterized by improved properties (wear resistance was 5 times higher, and the electric field strength was 1.5 times greater) and will be used to fabricate electrodes for vacuum switches.


Markov A., Yakovlev E., Shepel D., Bestetti M. Synthesis of a Cr-Cu surface alloy using a low-energy high-current electron beam // Results in Physics. – 2019. – Vol. 12. – P. 1915-1924. doi:10.1016/j.rinp.2019.02.010 (WoS, Q1)