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    Tomsk Scientific Center, Siberian Branch of Academy of Sciences was established in December 1978

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    Russian and international conferences are organized by Tomsk Scientific Center

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    The Tomsk Regional Center for Collective Use of TSC SB RAS is conducting atmospheric research, physical and chemical analysis, radio measurements, research in materials science, spectroscopy and oscillography

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    The LeCroy Wave Master 830Zi-A real-time digital oscilloscope is placed in an anechoic chamber. It is designed to measure the amplitude and time parameters of pulsed signals with high temporal resolution

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    The Research Department for Structural Macrokinetics of TSC SB RAS is measuring the content of oxygen, nitrogen and hydrogen in synthesized samples of nitrides, oxynitrides and steels on the LECO ONH836 analyser


  • Russian Physics Journal is now located in Akademgorodok

    26 apr 2023

    The Editorial Board of the international Russian Physics Journal, published in English, is now housed in Tomsk Akademgorodok. Tomsk Scientific Center of the Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences is the journal s partner. The Russian Physics Journal published by Springer is included in Scopus and Web of Science, and its SCImago journal ranking on physics and astronomy is Q3.

  • Tomsk s scientists implement an integrated approach to producing polymer coatings

    6 feb 2023
    Scientists from IHCE (SB RAS), Tomsk State University, and TSC (SB RAS) have laid the foundations for the synthesis of different polymer coatings with unique properties using a low-pressure glow discharge. Such polymers are in demand in medicine, mechanical engineering, and as protective coatings exploited in space and in the harsh conditions of the Arctic. These results were reported in the high-ranking journal Vacuum .
  • Federal Scientific Center of Agroecology of RAS Volgograd will use Tomsk digital weather stations for environmental monitoring

    9 jan 2023
    Six modern digital weather stations, developed and manufactured by scientists from the Tomsk scientific center of SB RAS in collaboration with colleagues from the Institute of Monitoring of climatic and ecological systems of SB RAS were delivered to the Federal Scientific Center of Agroecology of RAS in Volgograd.
  • Scientists from TSC SB RAS have proposed a cost-effective method to produce sialon

    21 nov 2022
    A team of scientists from the Laboratory of New Metallurgical Processes (Tomsk Scientific Center of the SB RAS) led by Konstantin Bolgaru developed a cost-effective method to produce expensive sialon. This resistant and refractory industrial material has been proposed to be produced from cheap raw materials, such as ferroalloy production wastes. These results are reported in the highly ranked journal Ceramics International.

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