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    Tomsk Scientific Center, Siberian Branch of Academy of Sciences was established in December 1978

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    Russian and international conferences are organized by Tomsk Scientific Center

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    The Tomsk Regional Center for Collective Use of TSC SB RAS is conducting atmospheric research, physical and chemical analysis, radio measurements, research in materials science, spectroscopy and oscillography

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    From the air

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    The Research Department for Structural Macrokinetics of TSC SB RAS is measuring the content of oxygen, nitrogen and hydrogen in synthesized samples of nitrides, oxynitrides and steels on the LECO ONH836 analyser

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    9th International Congress on Energy Fluxes and Radiation Effects - EFRE-2024


  • A new nanopaticles based technology to manufacture environmentally safe filtering materials

    11 dec 2023
    Scientists from Tomsk State University, Tomsk Polytechnic University and Tomsk Scientific Center of Siberian Branch of Russian Academy of Sciences published a monograph “Materials with polyfunctional properties based on nanoparticles modified fibers” which presents an advanced technology for manufacturing nanofilters to purify liquid and gas media.
  • The TSC SB RAS researchers introduced carbide-containing materials produced using plastic waste

    27 nov 2023

    The researchers of the Tomsk Scientific Center produced valuable titanium carbides using the highly exothermic reaction between PET bottles and Ti powder as well as a hydrogen-containing gaseous by-product which can be used as fuel for heat and power units. These carbides are similar in their properties to the reference ones. The research is published in Green Chemical Engineering.

  • New ingredients to make designer clay bricks developed in TSC SB RAS

    20 nov 2023
    Researchers from Tomsk Scientific Center supplied a pilot batch of Si-iron-based powder to a brick factory under the management of FURBAU group where it will be utilized to make unique decorative bricks which as they hope will help them expand their product line.

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